Facebook Timeline for Business—and Dentists!

Sometimes I feel like a paparazzi, craving the hot news about Hollywood stars—but it’s not the stars that interest me. It’s Internet marketing. Rumor has it, Facebook will launch Timeline for businesses on or around the end of this month. By March, your dental practice’s Facebook page could look a LOT different—better, actually. Here’s what you can expect:

The Big Picture

The main difference you’ll notice is a large banner photo. You can create a custom banner or use a photograph for this feature. Be sure to include your website domain and phone number! A smaller photo can be selected for the lower left corner. I recommend dentists use the photo features to show off their team or office, then in the smaller box, their logo.  A testimonial would also work well for the big feature box.

More Personal

If you’ve ever wanted to like-like (versus just like) a page on Facebook, you’ll find this is cool. Instead of merely liking your page, your fans will be able to love you! If you happen to have a product page, like for a teeth whitening product or Invisalign, fans can want or own you. How fun is that?

Your Practice’s Story

The new Facebook layout is called Timeline for good reason…it’s a timeline. Now, the history of your business will have a timeline. You can post photos of your office in olden days, during a remodel, and today. You could also post before and afters of your smile makeovers, and they’ll show up as timeline features. I like-like that!

Forced Change

If you’ve invested in custom pages for your Facebook page, I can’t yet tell you whether you’ll lose them. Surely Facebook has a plan to keep businesses happy…surely? I do know that human pages are going to be force-fed Timeline over the next week or two. We’ll just have to see what the future holds for business pages.

Stay On the Forefront of Dental Marketing

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