Brand Continuity for Social Networking Dentists

With Facebook’s new Timeline for business and LinkedIn offering what amounts to business “likes,” savvy dentists should make certain that their brand is continuous throughout all of their websites, blogs, and social profiles.

Website: A dental website should feature a dental practice logo that will represent the practice in print, on signage, and on the Internet.

Blog: Your dental practice blog design does not have to be identical to your webpage, but it should be complementary. In addition, I advise that dentists host their blog on a separate domain from their website, rather than a subdomain. Other dental marketing companies disagree, but I have yet to see proof that their argument has basis. My stance is based on the fact that Google shows favor to “experts,” and having multiple websites and a ton of original information on a subject can make you an expert. A blog on a separate domain is, in essence, a microsite, which is great for SEO.

Facebook: On Facebook, you’ll want to go ahead and switch to the Timeline style for your dental practice page. Just to get started, select a large image for the banner and your logo for the profile picture.

Twitter: Customize your profile picture with your logo or photograph, and upload an image that reflects your website’s design.

YouTube: Customize your profile picture with your logo or photograph, and upload an image that reflects your website’s design. Furthermore, include an opening and/or closing slide on your videos that features your logo.

Google Places: Claim your listing, then upload your logo, as well as 10 images and a few original videos. Good images to use include your office pictures, staff photos, after photos, and images of you with your happy patients. Also  include a “note from the owner” and be sure that you select categories for your listing. For your website link, use your contact page, not your homepage. This is a tip from Google.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn has recently launched a “like” feature for business pages. I don’t have all the details yet, but you should at least create a business page and brand it with your logo and message. LinkedIn is best for dentists who take referrals from other dentists or need to network with other dentists for marketing purposes. Consumers are unlikely to find your LinkedIn profile.

Google+: Who knows if G+ will take off? There’s no telling. You might create a business listing and brand it with your logo. It certainly cannot hurt to post to G+ weekly. I believe the best advantage, however, is to use Google +1 on your website and blogsite. You don’t have to have a profile to use this feature — it’s just a bit of code to embed. The +1 feature allows visitors to “like” you on G+.

Other Listings: When possible, like on local listing profiles and consumer review websites, incorporate your logo and website link.

The bottom line is, unless you USE your brand and logo effectively, there’s no need to have it! The goal is that consumers will recognize your brand and know that you’re on top of your game because you’re everywhere — from Facebook to Google+. Likewise, social networking does little good if you don’t engage regularly. You must post content to all of your profiles weekly, at minimum. Otherwise, you’ll look like you tinker with social networking and don’t really get it. Not a good image to project!

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