How to Get More Fans (Likes) for Your Dental Practice Facebook Page

Okay, we’ve established that you need a Facebook page for your dental practice. We’ve discussed the importance of blogging and how your blog should feed to your Facebook page so that you have current content. You know that you and your team need to become your own fans, then post comments, pictures, and join in conversations.

A Facebook business page is different from a Facebook personal page, though. People you may know don’t automatically pop up in the right sidebar. There’s no Friend Finder. So how can you get more folks to “like” your dental practice’s Facebook page? Here are 10 suggestions. Let’s count ‘em down…

1.       Send an email to all of your patients. I recommend you have a professional dental copywriter compose it for you. The copywriter can also provide a blurb for you to post on your personal Facebook page, inviting friends to become fans (likers).
Modern Dental Practice Marketing has dental copywriters who can help you.

2.       Put your Facebook logo and link on every page of your website, in plain view.
MDPM sets up Facebook business pages for our clients. We always include the Facebook link on the client’s blog and website.

3.       Put your FB link in your email signature.
The MDPM copywriters can write a new email signature for you, if you like.

4.       Display a poster in your lobby that says “Like Us?” with your Facebook username* (short URL).
Where do you get the poster? MDPM can help with that, too!

5.       Put the Facebook logo and your username on your business cards and collateral, right next to your email address.
MDPM does business cards and collateral. Come now, you should not be surprised!

6.       Hold a contest, and publicize it in your office and to your patients via email. Anyone who signs up to become your Facebook fan (same thing as liking your page) will be entered into a contest for a free [insert product or service here, ie: whitening pen, gift certificate, Sonicare toothbrush, BreathRx kit].
The MDPM consultants will help you come up with contests, then we’ll conference call into your staff meetings to get your team excited and in the know.

7.       Put the your Facebook username on your office door, along with your address, phone number, email, and hours of operation. Any local sign company can help you with this.

8.       Set up a laptop in your lobby so that patients can login and like your Facebook page.
ou can make the computer ONLY go to FB and your website, no other sites, if you prefer.

9.       Talk about Facebook in the treatment room before a patient leaves. “Hey, are you on Facebook? Yeah? Find us online. We’re”
There’s nothing better than word-of-mouth advertising.

10.   If you do any print advertising or send out a patient newsletter, be sure to include the Facebook logo and your username. MDPM creates and manages print and newsletter campaigns.

*To get a Facebook username, a unique and short URL for your Facebook page, you must have 25 fans (likes). Set up your username at