Will Google’s Speed Update Affect Your Online Visibility?

The content you provide on your website can help you in your efforts to reach people who perform online searches about dental matters in your area. Original, relevant content on your page will create opportunities for Google and other search engines to find you, and share your site, with people. With that said, your visibility can be affected by more than just what you place on your website. Google’s recent Speed Update improves aims to improve users’ results by prioritizing page speed during online and mobile searches. If your website is not built with speed in mind, your placement in search results may be hurt. We can help your practice by creating an original website that is attractive and easy to use, while also providing great performance.

A Well-Built Website Can Provide You With Better Online Visibility

What kind of issues can slow down your page speed, and potentially hurt your online visibility?

  • Unnecessarily large image sizes
  • Too many URL redirects
  • Your website tries to load the full page all at once, rather than prioritizing what is visible on the page

A well-made website is more than just one that looks attractive. A page that is slow to load can annoy prospective patients, and – thanks to Google’s recent speed update – it may be harder for people to find.

Rely On Expert Support In The Creation And Support Of Your Website

As search engine algorithms continue to be modified, it can become difficult for your practice to keep up with what it takes to maintain a successful site. We can help by providing you with a well-made and well-designed page for your practice, as well as by keeping it visible with the kind of original content that search engines continually value.

MDPM Consulting Can Help You Maintain A Site That Is Attractive And Easy To Find

If you lack an online presence, or struggle to keep up with an outdated website, you can miss out on opportunities to reach potential patients online. MDPM Consulting can help you manage the important task of sustaining a visible, modern website that looks great! Reach us using the contact information below to learn more.

Would you like to find out how you can better support your practice with an attractive, well-made website? Contact us today and let us help! Send an email to MDPM Consulting at info@mdpmconsulting.com, or give us a call at 972-781-8861.