Writing a Dental Practice Mission Statement & Tag Line

I sell blogs. You sell dental services. Who do we sell to? People. Who pays us? People. Who do our services help? People.

We should never, ever forget that business is about the people, and people want excellent service for their hard-earned dollars. From the initial phone call to the proactive follow-up to the warm personal welcome to the unparalleled treatment in your office, every patient who experiences your dental practice should be chomping at the bit to share the story with all of their neighbors and friends.

Think about what you do that makes your practice different than the one down the road.

When I used to interview dentists before writing content for their websites, I would always ask, “What sets your practice apart from all the rest?”

The answer, ironically, was the same—all the time!

Dentists said, after some thought and hesitation, “You know, it’s our personalized service and wonderful team; it’s the real one-on-one that we give the patients that makes us different.”

You probably do provide a personalized patient experience, but that alone will not set you apart. It won’t make your practice memorable, and it won’t ensure loyalty from your patients. The good news is, dentists know that good business is about the people. I didn’t often get the response that technology or the office ambiance made a practice shine above the rest.

I challenge you to come up with a list of 3 unique things that you offer your patients. These should be things that no other dental office provides (at least none that you know of). Told you it was a challenge! Coming up with your list may take hours, days, or even a week. It may involve tweaking the patient experience in your office or asking your team to do something new and different.

Once you know what sets you apart, then and only then can we talk about your mission statement.

The dental copywriters and marketing experts at Modern Dental Practice Marketing can help you come up with a mission statement that sets you apart from other dentists and a tag line that’s memorable. Give us a call at 972-781-8861…we’re in the business to make dentists smile.