Why You Need A Mobile-Friendly Website: The Numbers

Do you find yourself or the people around you glued to their phones? More than ever, smartphones have become crucial to multiple aspects of our lives. Whether searching for directions, looking up a business, or – in very rare cases – making a call, more and more people are depending on their smartphones. That is why you need a mobile-friendly website! Otherwise, you could be leaving your practice in the past.

How Much Do People Rely on Smartphones?

Invoca recently conducted a study and released a handy infographic illustrating just how much we rely on our phones. The study shows a number of surprising things, including:

  • 64 percent of Americans have a smartphone
  • 58 percent consider themselves addicted to the device
  • Healthcare is one of the top three industries people use phones to contact
  • 68 percent will only look for a company’s number for two minutes before giving up
  • 80 percent are likely to be repeat customers after a positive phone experience

The study reveals further details about our habits with our handheld devices. But the take away is that when searching for and contacting a business, even a dental practice, people will use their phones before they jump on the computer or pick up a phone book.

Mobile-Friendly SEO

So with this information, how do you change your SEO approach? First, the study shows that unless your contact info is easy to find you’re likely to lose a potential client. Make sure people can easily navigate your website to find the information they need. In addition, it’s absolutely crucial that your website is easy to use on a phone or tablet. If the website isn’t responsive, then potential clients will have a hard time using it, and will likely move on and contact another practice.

You Still Need a Person on the Other End!

Now, just because your website is now a major component of your marketing strategy doesn’t mean you don’t need a person on the phone. When it comes to scheduling a visit or inquiring about a procedure, a person is still likely to call you.

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