Why does a dentist need a blog?

Google holds nearly all of the search engine market, with 93% of PC traffic, meaning searches conducted on a desktop or laptop computer, and 95% of mobile traffic, meaning searches conducted on tablets and smart phones. Yahoo, Bing, and the other search engines all duke it out for the remaining >5%. This data tells us that most people who search for a dentist’s office online use Google as their search engine of choice. Practicality dictates that dentist target their Internet marketing efforts to please Google.

On the company’s blog for webmasters, Google tells us that marketers should become experts. An expert, in Internet terms, is a person or business that has a significant amount of information indexed by Google. So, to become an expert in dentistry, dentists need to publish a good amount of original text on various web domains. This is why, in addition to a dental practice website, having multiple microsites and blogs is wise.

Blogs can be useful to overall SEO in many ways:

  1. Blogs are considered news by Google, and news is indexed with higher priority than regular web pages. So, when you publish a blog, it has the ability to rank high on search engines, almost immediately. Blogs also lose their high rankings quickly, so you should post blogs a few times a week, minimum.
  2. In addition to the Google value, a blog has social networking value. You can post an excerpt from your blog, along with a link to your blog, from Facebook, Google+ Local, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Pinterest.
  3. A blog can also be syndicated by RSS feed to other websites. Incoming links, social promotion, and RSS feeds will all contribute to your overall Internet presence and your status as an expert.

How often should a dentist write blogs?

As stated above, blogs should be published every few days. Once a week posting is a bare minimum, but seven-days-a-week posting is overkill. A happy medium, for best SEO results, is three to five blogs per week. Remember, Google does NOT like duplicate content! All of your blogs should be original content, well optimized for search, with keywords hyperlinked to your other online properties (websites, microsites, and blogs).

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