Where is Your Book in Google’s Library?

Enter a young, vibrant woman wearing trendy glasses and a chic, respectable dress. She is very popular. She’s also the head librarian of the most ginormous library on the planet, and you’re an author seeking shelf space. How can you get Ms. Google to give your book any attention?

1)      The book has to be big
Sure, you can’t judge a book by its cover, but Ms. Google isn’t going to pay much attention to your book if it’s basically a glorified brochure. She’ll smile, then bury it under a pile of old periodicals and newspapers.

In reality, this means, you need a website and blog with lots of pages.

2)      The book has to be unique
In this library, books earn their placement (near the door, eye level is primo) by providing interesting information. Plagiarism or stock content found in a million other books is frowned upon.

In reality, this means, your website and blog must have original content. Stock articles, cut-and-paste sections from other websites, and blog posts that show up on 500 sites aren’t unique. To Google, the words just take up space. They have no value.

3)      You, as the author, have to have a solid reputation
Ms. Google will gauge your reputation by what she sees in her world, not yours. If you speak publicly and are well respected in your community, both personal and professional, good for you. Ms. Google doesn’t really care. In her eyes, your reputation depends upon how many books you have in her library and how big and interesting those books are.

In reality, this means, you really need multiple websites and blogs so that you look like a seasoned expert with a vast amount of quality information to share. Add to this social networking profiles, articles on various websites, and links back to your sites, and you have a very good chance of showing up high and wide on the Google SERPS.

Regardless of what anyone tells you, this is the truth according to Google. Don’t believe it? Visit Google’s Webmaster Central Blog and read up on the information for yourself.

Then, when you’re ready to improve your web presence and get your book in the showcase at the front of the Google Library, email or call me at 972-781-8861. I’m Jill Duty, COO at Modern Dental Practice Marketing, and my team of dental copywriters and graphic designers and SEO experts and coders are here to apply Google’s guidelines to your Internet marketing campaign.