When to Rewrite & Revise Your Dental Website

We got a call this week from an office manager who had been looking for someone to rewrite and finish the text on a dental website. She’d been quoted prices in the thousands, and the site is not very big. It’s silly, really, that: A) no one wants to revise, rewrite, or finish an incomplete website’s text and B) that companies use exorbitant prices to run off potential customers instead of just sending them to Gimball’s department store. (Movie reference, Miracle on 34th Street. MDPM is the Gimball’s in this analogy.)

We love to write! In fact, I’ve loved writing since
I was a child, and so have my copywriters. Ink is in our blood.
(Figuratively speaking, of course. We aren’t dying of ink poisoning.)

But the title of this blog isn’t “Who Will Rewrite and Revise Your Dental Website,” it’s “When to Rewrite and Revise Your Dental Website.” This is when you should call MDPM to discuss dental copywriting for your website…

  • If your site is unfinished, has blank or “coming soon!” pages.
  • If the grammar, spelling, and content are weak.
  • If you can’t highlight the text with your mouse, search engines can’t read it. This is more of a technical issue, but we can help you.
  • If the text is over a few years old and no longer represents your practice’s technology and recent training.
  • If the text was not written for search engines, or if it was poorly written. Good dental website content appeals to search engines AND HUMANS.
  • If the text is on other sites. Yeah, if you swiped it. The main reason swiped text is bad: search engines hate it. You’ll kill your rankings. The other reason: you could be sued. Either way, it’s not a good situation.
  • If you want to add pages, flesh out your site, and add a blog.
  • If your services are condensed onto just one page. Search engines and humans would like more information, please.

If you’re just not sure that anyone but the doctor could write good text for your website, but he’s too darn busy, check this out. Jill Duty (that’s me :-)) was a freelance copywriter for three years before being copy director at a major dental website company for four years. I left that company to start MDPM this year. I have interviewed dental teams and written everything from taglines to press releases to websites to whitepapers for dentists. Jill Nastasia, my partner, was an English major and has a master’s degree in online education. She also worked at a leading dental website firm before starting MDPM. Our staff copywriters are either English or journalism majors, or they have years of experience writing dental website copy. We are qualified to help you. It’s a very niche industry, dental copywriting, and we’re the pros.

Don’t settle for a sub-par website. It’s like letting weeds grow up in front of your dental office, or having a renovation that’s been in the works for years, so plastic sheets and dust is everywhere. Let’s get this thing done, and let’s get it done right! Call Jill at 972-781-8861.