When Do You Need Professional Photography?

A professional appearance is vital for your website. After all, your website is often the first introduction a person will have to you and your office, which is why professional photography is so important. While you can research and take pictures yourself, there are situations when it may be worthwhile to invest in a professional photographer’s services.


While a banner photo can be used for the background of your homepage, or as the header at the top of the page, if you’re using an image of your practice or the city you live and work in, you may consider a professional’s help. This is because the picture needs to fit certain dimensions to ensure an esthetically pleasing appearance. The photos should be at least 1920 pixels wide, and high resolution. When cropped, high resolution photographs with a wide aspect ratio will show ground and sky, giving a much needed sense of space.

Pictures of Office and Staff

On your website, you will feature pictures of your office, your chair and tools, and your staff. For pictures of the office, a professional photo is important because a photographer understands lighting and how to set a scene. With poor lighting, a picture of a lovely office can look unappealing at best, and foreboding at worst. Staff photos help introduce potential clients to you and your team. A photographer will know the best angles and lighting to ensure the pictures look great.

Special Events

You can also hire a photographer for special events. For example, one of our clients, Cornerstone Dental, recently had a Community Appreciation Open House. They were able to capture a number of beautiful images of their community members and team. If you host a similar event, these images should be shared on social media and featured on your website. Why a professional photographer? Because professional photographers produce professional photos that are more likely to be liked, shared, and commented on.

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