What Social Media Platforms Work Best?

At MDPM Consulting, we definitely believe social media can offer a number of benefits for your online marketing strategy. We encourage our clients to collect Facebook and Google Reviews. We even offer a free social media kit for our clients carrying a monthly SEO package. But what about all of the other platforms out there? Which social media platforms will work best for your online marketing strategy?


While Snapchat is very popular, we believe the site offers a very low return for time invested, especially since your posts simply vanish after 24 hours.


Instagram is great for people who prefer to share visual posts. We like this site because posts can be shared across several platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. However, be sure to add proper hashtags to your posts!


Typically, we recommend your team members list your office as their place of employment, but we don’t really push LinkedIn. However, if your goal is to network, build a reputation as an expert in your field, or share published work, then a LinkedIn page may be great for your practice.


We’ll be honest, our clients haven’t had a ton of success with Pinterest. Your page can work if you pin a lot of items, but attracting leads and converting them into patients is very, very difficult to accomplish with this site.


Twitter is great because you can link your blog to your account, so your blogs automatically share to your Twitter page. You can also quickly share interesting articles, or office updates.

Do You Need Help?

Do you have questions about what to post on your accounts? Let us know! Remember, our social media kit is designed for just that purpose. We want to give you plenty of customizable content you can share throughout the month. For more details, give us a call. While the kit is free for clients with a monthly SEO package, you can purchase it for just $99 a month.

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