What Review Site Should You Use?

We’ve discussed how reviews can have a positive impact on your search engine optimization, or SEO. In fact, we’ve discussed different ways to encourage people to leave testimonials about their experiences at your office, such as offering promotions or asking satisfied patients to leave their thoughts. However, there are quite a few sites that you and your patients can choose to post on. Which review site should you use?


Let’s face it, nearly everyone you know has an account on this social media platform. People use Facebook to stay in touch with friends, and to find out more about a business or practice. In fact, people often turn to the search engine to read what others think of a business.


Despite only being around for about four years, Google reviews has quickly become the place that many people use to share the experience they had with a business, whether positive or negative. While testimonials about your practice can help SEO regardless of where they are posted, those posted on Google reviews seem to have a more direct impact on rankings.


When you think about online reviews you probably think about Yelp. Yelp has collected peoples’ experiences with businesses or dental practices since 2004. However, they are more selective when it comes to which reviews are posted. For example, if you create an account just to leave a review about one business, it may not appear, or last very long. The website favors people who maintain active accounts, which is their attempt to prevent fake testimonials from making the cut.

Which One Should You Focus On?

If possible, you should try to have testimonials published on all of them. You can include icons that redirect patients to your pages so they can leave their experiences. While those posted on Google reviews have a bigger impact on SEO, Facebook reviews are more readily seen by the public. Each offers their own benefits and are worth considering.

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