What Makes a Good Web Design?

As you are probably aware, any successful business needs a quality website in order to attract new clients and maintain a professional appearance. As a dentist or medical professional, you need a site that looks good and is easily navigable, in other words, a good web design. What makes a good web design? What should you take into account when designing and building your practice’s website?

What are Your Clients Looking For?

As a dentist you need to know what services you offer. If you focus on cosmetic treatment, then you need to cater to patients looking for primarily esthetic services. If you are a general dentist, your website and blog should say as much so patients looking for a practice online will be drawn to yours. Simply put, you need to know what services you provide and what your preferred clientele will be looking for.

Do You Have a Brand?

As a professional, your business will require a logo. Creating a logo and practice name are key to branding your office. Incorporating these components into your website design gives your practice a professional look and helps potential patients see you as a expert in your field. After all, most of us visit a company’s website and in a matter of seconds make a judgment on whether we want to receive their services. Working with graphic designers to create a brand through logo and web design is crucial.

How Easily can Potential Patients Navigate Your Website?

When a patient visits your website, how easy he/she be able to navigate it? Will they be able to find all relevant contact info on the Contact Us page? Will the website have services listed under a banner? You site should contain a site map, self-explanatory URLs, and clearly labeled page names.

Do You Have a Mobile Friendly Site?

What if they check out your site on their phone? A website will look totally different on the computer than it will on a tablet or smartphone. If the website isn’t responsive then it will difficult to navigate on different devices, limiting access to people looking you up on tablets or smartphones.

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