What Happened To My Google Reviews?

Have you recently noticed your Google reviews aren’t showing up? We understand that motivating patients to leave their thoughts can be difficult, so to see testimonials essentially disappear can be very frustrating. In fact, we recently had a client complain to us about seeing Google reviews filtered out. What happened to them? What can be done to avoid having your Google reviews filtered?

Possible Reasons Google Filtered Your Reviews

  • Who Posts Your Reviews: Who it is that is posting your reviews on your Google+ page can impact whether or not the reviews are filtered. For example, if the person doing the posting is the manager of your Google+ page, they work for you, or if he/she posted the review on the same computer you log onto your Google+ account with, this can cause the reviews to fail to show up on your business listings. If the person posted the same Google review to all of your practices, or if they have an empty or barely filled-out Google+ profile, that can make a difference, too.
  • Where Your Review is Posted: If Google notices the testimonial is posted from an iPad or computer at your location, or if the same review is posted several times on different days and on different sites, then Google may filter it.
  • Other Factors: Other factors that may cause your reviews to be filtered include:
    • URLs in the copy
    • An unusually high amount of reviews posted compared to other businesses
    • Several reviews posted in a short amount of time
    • Whether or not the reviews appear to be written and posted by an SEO (search engine optimization) company

Do You Need Help?

If you need help garnering Google reviews and posting them to your business listing, let us know. Our clients have had success encouraging reviews with our “Have a Cup of Coffee on Us” campaign. We can also make sure everything is posted in a manner that doesn’t cause Google to filter them out. Remember, MDPM Consulting is here to help!

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