What Can Dentists Learn From Pokémon Go?

Have you noticed a lot more kids and adults wandering around parks and fields with smartphones than usual? That’s thanks to a new game called Pokémon Go. If you aren’t familiar with it, the game is a free download for iPhone and Android that uses augmented reality to allow you to catch Pokémons in your town. The big benefit to this game is kids and adults are going outside, meeting other people at PokéStops, and attending events. So, what can you learn from this game?

The Value of Community

One factor behind the game’s popularity is the community, allowing more people to meet who have this fun and unique link between them. Likewise, your practice or business can achieve greater success if you reach out to the community. Becoming a fixture in your town or city allows people to become more familiar with you and more likely to trust you with their dental care needs.

Becoming Active in Your Community

Now that we know the importance of becoming a part of your community, how do you get started? Obviously, you can’t debut an augmented reality game. But you can:

  • Become active on social media
  • Have a presence at community meetings and events
  • Offer incentives for people to spread the word about your business (such as our “Have a Cup of Coffee on Us” campaign, which is a great way to encourage reviews)

As Pokémon Go has demonstrated, people are eager to get outside, meet new people, and form bonds in their community while having a little fun. Likewise, don’t be afraid to have a little fun with promotions or specials, or make yourself a fixture at community events. Once people are familiar with you, they may be more willing to seek out your services.

MDPM Can Help

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