Two Fatal Words to Any Blog: “Hello World!”

Sometimes it’s impossible to finish what you start. We’re all guilty of it. I have a half-crocheted blanket in a box in my closet…life got in the way. But here’s the deal:

When it comes to marketing for your dental practice,
you just cannot afford to leave things unfinished.

A classic example is the blog. All WordPress blogs are automatically filled with one starter post titled, “Hello World!” When I’m surfing around the net and find a blog with this title, it’s like coming across an abandoned house. As a consumer, my first thought is, If this dentist can’t manage his marketing, how can he manage to take care of my mouth? And because I’m a woman, I decide the dentist for my family. You’ve lost me, my family, and any chance of word-of-mouth referrals from me. In fact, I may joke about you to my friends.

Half-finished projects are fine hidden away in your closet, but on the Internet, they’re out there for the world to see.

I searched “hello world! dentist” and got 334,000 results on Google. Are you one of them?

This should be good news to you: We Write Dental Blogs.

For four years, I was copy director for a leading dental website company. My writers and I understand dentistry, ADA advertising guidelines, industry trends and innovations. We know how to communicate with dentists, but more importantly, we know how to effectively market dental care to targeted patients. We understand search engine optimization and know how to make Google smile upon your blog and website. We can take over your current blog, rebrand and redesign it, then start posting regularly. Or, if you want to delete your current blog and start over, we’ll design a new blog that reflects your brand and vision.

MDPM blogging services range from one post a week to daily posts. Each post includes a full-color photo, original content, backlinks to your website or other blog posts, and full search engine optimization. The more often we blog for you, the better you’ll rank on Google SERPs (search engine results pages). One of our clients ranks first page for cosmetic dentist Chicago. Another is on page one for Dallas dentist. These are highly competitive terms. Blogging is key to ranking high on Google SERPs for competitive terms.

So don’t let weeds grow on your blog. Call Jill at 972-781-8861 today, and let the MDPM writers refresh and renew your blog. Got questions? We’ll whip it into shape and put it to work for your dental practice! Post them as comments on this blog.