Tips For Increasing Likes And Followers On Social Media

Social media is a major component of any online marketing strategy. Operating an active social networking presence can lend credibility to your business or practice, and potentially allow you to attract new clients. In today’s blog, we’re looking at tips for attracting new likes and followers on your accounts. We also want to remind readers that our April social media kit, which provides content you can share on multiple platforms, is now available for a la carte purchase for just $99.

How Do You Increase Likes and Followers?

  1. Always include up-to-date contact information: If a potential patient finds your Facebook page, you should have links to your website, as well as accurate contact information, should the person want to make an appointment or visit your practice. Don’t miss out on an opportunity by leaving these crucial spaces blank on your social networking pages.
  2. Have pages on more than one platform: You don’t have to stick with just one social media platform. We recommend operating multiple pages. For example, our social media kit includes content for Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Instagram. The more pages, the greater your potential reach.
  3. Share content regularly: You can boost SEO and spread the word about your practice with a steady stream of new content. Share articles, office updates, or even funny videos and pictures. As your content gathers likes and comments, more and more people will see them.
  4. Include icons on your website: Your audience should be able to find your social networking icons on your website, and they should link to the actual networking page.
  5. Interact with people: Task someone at your office with maintaining your social media pages, or consider purchasing our kit. You should keep your pages active with new content, and respond to people who may write on your wall or comment on a post. Stay active and interact with your audience, and you might just pick up a new patient or two along the way.

Interested in our social media kit, but not sure where to start? Already receive the kit, but want to learn how to use it to its fullest potential? Ready to take your web presence (website, social media, reputation management, etc.) to the next level? Give us a call: (972) 781-8861, or shoot us an email at We’re here to help!