The Scoop on Local Listings

Local listings have been a buzzword floating around digital marketing articles for a little while now, and — as MDPM’s Technical Director — I get a lot of questions about local listings, so I want to explain a little bit about this unique aspect of SEO.

Local Search Players

There are five major data aggregates that push information to the various local listing websites around the internet. A local listing campaign targets these data aggregates and automates the process to push your correct business information to them. During this process, the aggregates feed all of the local listings around the web. Although it may seem like this all happens with the click of a button, this process can take anywhere from two weeks to two months to confirm, change, and delete information at the aggregates. Once accurate business information reaches the aggregates, it’s confirmed and validated.

Why Accuracy Matters

In the age of information, the internet is one of the most prominent tools around the globe. The percentage of search queries on mobile devices is rapidly on the rise, which means local listing results are being taxed to show the most accurate, relevant information to the user’s query.

Take this example: If someone were to search for a dentist using the browser on their phone — depending on their query — the results would show dentists near that user based on proximity among other signals. Those dentist with accurate name, address, phone number, etc would have a higher chance of showing up in the local results than those with inaccuracies, duplicates, and even incomplete profiles/local listings around the web.

Inaccurate business information can cause a business to not show up in local search results. Unfortunately, most businesses aren’t aware of this, let alone that there’s a tool we can use to prevent it (or fix it if the damage is already done).

What We Do for You

To better serve you and your practice, MDPM offers a local listing campaign through Moz. What we do is enter your business information, have it sent to the major data aggregates, and then monitor the updates and changes over the duration of the campaign. What this does is frees up you financially from the potential cost of dealing with each data aggregate individually and paying local listing companies hundreds and hundreds of dollars to work the system backwards, not targeting the focal point of information sharing.

The local listing campaigns we offer to do for our clients include the big five data aggregates: Infogropu, Neustar Localeze, Acxiom, and Factual. The campaign also targets Foursquare, since it directly feeds Pinterest and other local search applications that can affect ranking. The result is five data aggregates with accurate business information for local listings to take and use accordingly across the internet.

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