The Rights And Wrongs Of Digital Marketing

Starting an online marketing strategy can be daunting. After all, you have a potential audience of thousands in your city who view most online marketing attempts as white noise, or something an ad blocker should have caught. As a result, you may be tempted to try clever or wacky tactics to reach out to people. Unfortunately, this could have the opposite effect, attracting hits but turning away quality clients, those more likely to actually visit your office. There are definitely rights and wrongs of digital marketing.


Thinking about trying to make a viral video? Something fun and wacky to attract hits and, hopefully, direct people to your website? What about a crazy promotion, something that kids might be interested in? Stop. Just stop. Remember, you want to be seen as a professional, as someone clients can depend on to improve their oral health, to sell them a house, or to serve them a delicious meal (or whatever your services might be). Your attempt to be clever and zany may secure hits, but it could also discourage quality clients from actually visiting your business.


Know your clients! Who are they? What is your competition? What are they looking for? Provide content on social media and your blog that answers common questions or addresses common concerns. Use social media, along with a professional and well-designed responsive website, to show what you have to offer. Digital marketing isn’t about being the loudest voice in the room. You’re not trying to drown out the others. It’s about letting your clients, or patients, know that you understand their needs and that you have the skills and experience to meet those needs.

Need A Hand?

We understand that online marketing can be difficult, especially if you have to run a business, but we can help. We offer a social media kit, which includes content you can personalize for your social media accounts (and is free for clients with a monthly SEO package). We can also oversee your social media presence and help create an online marketing strategy that fits your needs and targets quality clients in your community.

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