The Original Dental Ghost Blogger

When it comes to quality, oftentimes the original is your best bet. For instance, the carbonated beverages aisle of the grocery store boast brands like Kountry Mist, Citrus Drop, and Mountain Rush, but it was 7 Up that broke into the soda pop market with a lemon-lime soda in 1929. Other name brands, Mountain Dew and Sprite, gained momentum later. However, many competing lemon-lime beverages failed throughout the 20th century. Why? Because 7 Up got it right and is the original un-cola. By 1940, 7 Up was the third on the list of top-selling soft drinks on the planet.

Consider for a moment what 7 Up had to do. This unfamiliar beverage had to win over loyal drinkers of ginger ale (1851), Dr. Pepper (1885), Coca-Cola 1886), and Pepsi-Cola (1898). For a century, people had been consuming tasty carbonated beverages. By 1940, there was staunch competition.

What does this have to do with dentistry?

The small world of dental blogging is an up-and-coming in the greater realm of dental marketing. While yellow pages advertising has dramatically fallen in popularity, many dentists don’t yet have a website. At MDPM, we have to convince dentists that blogging is important – it’s good and valuable – it will endure the test of time. While this sounds like a daunting task, the numbers speak volumes. A dentist blog with daily postings of original content can bring in more targeted traffic than a dentist website. Google Analytics does not lie!

Why should a dentist blog?

Six years ago, not many dentists blogged. Google’s algorithm was evolving as the Internet grew and people tried to trick search engines into ranking their website high on results pages. These black hat tactics, as they’re called, were booted by Google and other search engines. Today, we know for a fact that when it comes to ranking websites, Google places the greatest importance on original, informational web content.

What is a ghost blog?

Most dentists don’t blog because they simply don’t have time. Hiring a reputable freelance writer seems like a good idea. When a copywriter composes blogs on behalf of a company or individual, we call the posts ghost blogs, or ghost posts. A ghost writer is a nameless writer who allows a buyer to put his or her name, or no name at all, on a bit of text.

Can a dentist just hire a freelance writer to blog?

Dentists, as you well know, are licensed doctors whose advertising and marketing must comply with guidelines dictated by the American Dental Association and the state dental licensing board. Statements of superiority, claims of predictable results, and – in Texas – patient testimonials in dental marketing can compromise a dentist’s license. A freelance copywriter will not know this. Furthermore, misrepresenting services or poor explanations of procedures risk a dentist’s reputation, not only with potential patients, but also with existing patients, employees, and colleagues.

What makes MDPM the original blogger?

In 2006, Jill Duty (COO) worked for a dental marketing company that gave her the job of building a salable ghost blog product for dentists. At the time, Jill was the copy director and oversaw website writing and SEO copy for dental clients from the US and Canada. In addition to researching blogging software and search engine optimization strategies that dealt with blogs, Jill researched the dental marketing regulations of many states and of the ADA. While many business blogs focus on hard sell of a product, Jill found that presenting interesting information to educate patients, rather than to sell them, would bring SEO benefits and comply with dental board advertising regulations. In 2010, Jill and Jill Nastasia formed Modern Dental Practice Marketing, a dental marketing company that specializes in copywriting.

Over the past few years, MDPM has been asked to ghost write for other dental marketing companies, but we don’t believe that up-charging dentists for second-hand copywriting is a good business model. So, we continue to provide dentists with content, directly rather than through a third party, and the company is growing by leaps and bounds.

Dental copywriting based on quality!

Having started in the industry as a dental copywriter, and with thousands of dentist interviews to her credit, Jill demands the highest quality from the MDPM copywriting staff. This quality is indicated not only in the writing style (grammar, spelling, composition, etc.), but also in the factual representation of dental procedures and the excellent SEO results we see for our client dentists.

Do you need a dental writer? A blog? A website?

Because of client demand, MDPM offers an array of highly effective dental marketing products. We build and ghost write dentist blogs. We also build, optimize, and manage dentist websites. Other services and products include: e-blasts and e-newsletters, print advertisements, logo design, social networking, copywriting for websites and video scripts, video creation, and press releases. For a complimentary consultation about your marketing efforts, call 972-781-8861 or email Jill today.