The Dental Website Design Process

We’re often asked what happens during our website design and development process, and what the client dentist can expect. Creating a website is a project that requires communication and effort on the part of the creative team and the dental practice. Our team does all we can to make the journey easy. We know that dentists and their staff have little time to worry with building a website – you’re busy running your dental practice and taking care of patients. However, because our team does not work in your office, there has to be some information transfer, as well as feedback on the designs and text we create. By working as a team, a dentist and our creatives can develop a custom website that truly reflects the practice, while also featuring a great user experience, search engine optimization, and cool bells and whistles that work across all devices.

  • The Interview: A one-hour telephone interview allows us to learn important details about your practice and service offerings, which is essential to building an accurate and informative website that attracts the type of patients you want.
  • SEO Strategizing: This step involves creating keywords based on the interview, then researching the popularity of those keywords via Google’s tools. A plan is then created for page names, metadata, links, navigation, and keyword implementation. We conduct a baseline SEO report to determine where a client’s current site and listings rank for the keywords. This allows us to gauge success of future efforts.
  • Asset Acquisition: From domain, site file, and email acquisition to gathering photos, forms, social media logins, and biographical profiles for the doctor an team, asset acquisition may take a few weeks for completion.
  • Design Comps: Based on the interview and assets, our graphic designer will create two different website compositions for your review.
  • Copywriting: Based on the interview and keyword strategy, our dental copywriter will compose a script for your website’s pages. The copy will be 100% unique, and you’ll have an opportunity to read and edit it during the website revision process.
  • Design Development & Approval: After reviewing the design comps, you’ll work with our graphic designer to refine a design that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. You will be required to sign off on the final design, and then we’ll show you what an interior page, the phone layout, and the tablet layout will look like.
  • Website Development: Your final design and related notes, as well as your copy document, SEO strategy, and assets, will be sent to our developer. He/she will then build your site according to contemporary coding standards and best-practices for SEO and user experience (UX).
  • Website Review & Revision Process: We will QC the site from a design, copy, and SEO perspective, then you’ll have an opportunity to mark edits via our simple online tool, Bugherd. We will be available for phone and email conversations to get the site exactly how you want it before going live on your domain.
  • Go Live, then SEO & Social Marketing Integration: Once you say “go,” we will put the site on your domain and install tracking codes by Google and Bing. At this time, your blogging, Facebook posts, and SEO reporting will begin.
  • Support & Hosting: We offer various levels of hosting and support, from basic to Aggressive SEO. Support includes making updates to the website when you submit changes. Hosting involves keeping the site live, functioning properly, and handling email issues that may arise from time to time. The more aggressive SEO support packages can include monthly or quarterly reports and conference calls.

If your website needs an overhaul, or just a few tweaks, call MDPM Consulting today. We know how to strike that essential balance between visually and SEO-friendly design, and we specialize in dental websites. For a complimentary consultation, call 972-781-8861, or email your website address to