Template vs. Custom Dental Website Design

What do you want from your dental website? A completely custom dental practice website would set you apart from other dentists, near and far. You’d have your own brand; your own, unique image. There’s a lot to be said for being original! Your services would have a higher perceived value, as well.

But a template website would save some money, and it could still look professional. You could add original photography, original text, and some personal touches to make it yours.

Whether you’d like a completely custom branding and Internet marketing package, or you need a quick, templated dental website as quickly as possible, Modern Dental Practice Marketing has just what the dentist (you) ordered.

Custom Dental Websites that Work in All Situations

Our team of designers is amazing. They work through interviews and discussion with our clients, while applying extensive design and programming expertise into a project. Do you want a flash rotation that will not interfere with SEO? No problem. Do you want an extensive before-and-after smile gallery? No problem. Want forms, postops, video, social networking integration? Just say the word.

The result is a completely custom website, with custom copywriting, branded and optimized just for your practice.

We’ll not only build the site so that it looks good, but it will be built for optimal SEO, as well. We’ll also test the site in about 10 browsers, so you won’t have to worry if your patients use Internet Explorer 6 or the latest version of Firefox. You can rest easy that your website will work in any browser.

Visit our custom website portfolio here.

Templates Aren’t That Bad!

You don’t care about custom? You just need a website, like yesterday? No problem.

Modern Dental Practice Marketing uses WordPress templates to build websites with integrated blogs, or blogsites, as we like to call them. A WordPress website looks and functions like any other website. The bonus is, we have access to the code, so we can customize the template as much (or as little) as you like.

Visit our blogsite portfolio here.

Want to Rank High on Google?

Whether you choose a custom dental website or a templated blogsite, we highly recommend that you integrate a blog into your Internet marketing. Google will love you for it, and you’ll enjoy high rankings – which means more visibility to potential patients. Bottom line, it doesn’t matter to Google whether your website is custom or a template. What matters is that you regularly post original, optimized content to your blog.

Ready to Roll?

Call Jill at Modern Dental Practice Marketing today at 972-781-8861 to discuss your website – custom or template. Or email her at jill@moderndentalmarketing.com. Our talented graphic designers also create custom dental practice logos and branding. We offer an array of services, in fact… everything you need to launch an impressive, cost-effective Internet marketing campaign.