Something to Blog About: How Writers Come Up With New Ideas

A boss in sales once told me, there are no new ideas. While I understand the point, as a writer, I have to interject this: there’s always a new spin.

When interviewing dentists, I’m often asked how my copywriters come up with new subjects for blogs, and how we can write hundreds of pages about dental crowns without plagiarizing. In short, my answer is, because creating original copy is our job. A politician found himself in hot water this week when he was called out for plagiarizing books, movies, and other texts. While the politician can accurately blame his ghostwriters and speech writers, those writers have no one to blame but themselves. Plagiarism is theft, even in politics.

To represent my point of coming up with new ideas for blogs, let’s examine the topic of dental fillings. Here are 20 different ways to spin a blog on fillings:

  1. How is a dental filling placed?
  2. What does a dental filling do?
  3. What are dental fillings made from?
  4. Are amalgam fillings safe?
  5. Why do dentists still use amalgam fillings?
  6. What’s in a composite resin filling?
  7. Will having a filling applied hurt?
  8. How can a filling fail?
  9. What is a leaky filling?
  10. What are alternatives to dental fillings?
  11. How are crowns and fillings different?
  12. Is there a restoration that’s bigger than a filling, smaller than a crown?
  13. Do I need a crown or filling?
  14. How long will a dental filling last?
  15. Can children get dental fillings?
  16. How long does it take to get a filling?
  17. Can a pregnant woman have a filling placed?
  18. Is anesthesia necessary for having a filling placed?
  19. Can composite fillings be whitened?
  20. Are fillings the same as inlays and onlays?

This list took me about three minutes. I could go on for hours. Why? Because I am a writer, and I specialize in putting a different spin on the same old topics. It’s my job.

You, on the other hand, are not a writer. You are a dentist, or a marketing expert, or an office manager, or a dentist’s wife, and you responsibilities and talents outside of copywriting. Matt Cutts, a respected SEO and Google expert, says that every business should have a blog. If your dental office needs a blog, but you also need a blogger, call MDPM Consulting today. Our team of dental copywriters and editors understand dentistry, SEO, and your potential patients. We’ll compose original blogs for Google to index, so you can acquire more new patients.

About the Author: Jill Smith Duty is the COO and Copy Director at Modern Dental Practice Marketing Consulting, a national dental marketing firm located in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. MDPM Consulting creates logos, websites, blogs, articles, and SEO strategies for dental practices across the US and Canada. Call 972-781-8861 today for a consultation with an MDPM consultant.