Social Networking for Dentists Made Easy!

You’ve heard about using Facebook for your dental office. You may have attended a seminar about social networking or read books on the subject. Perhaps you want to Tweet, post, blog, comment, and update, but you just don’t have time. How can you reap the benefits of social networking without squeezing time from your already hectic schedule? The answer is simple. Call MDPM.

What is Social Networking for Dentists?

“Social” has to do with friendly companionship, according to “Networking” relates to a group that shares information and services of a common interest. So, social networking for dentists involves a friendly sharing of information about health, wellness, dentistry, and your local community. It has to be personal; it has to be genuine; it has to be interesting to your patients.

Why Use Social Networking in Marketing?

To dominate search results for a variety of targeted keywords with the ultimate goal of increasing your patient base.

Social networking involves daily digital interaction with your current patients, as well as reaching potential patients with your brand. Done properly, social networking is part of an overall search engine optimization plan that includes website optimization, regularly posted blogs, as well as local listings and original videos, articles, and press releases.

The more places you are online, the more posts and articles are associated with your practice, the higher you’ll rank on Google.

How Can You Make the Most of Social Networking and SEO?

Blog daily. Post to Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ daily. Publish and promote original dental videos every month. Publish articles and press releases monthly. Get on local listing sites. Solicit backlinks. Post comments on related blogs, YouTube channels, and Facebook pages. Post photos, videos, and tags to your Google Places page. These tasks are not difficult, but they require a working knowledge of Internet marketing and persistent interaction. Most dentists simply don’t have the time or desire to do their own online marketing. Hiring a marketing manager means paying more taxes and benefits, and then there’s the training, managing, etc. For most dentists, it’s just not worth the headache.

The MDPM Social Networking Package

Consistency is key to succeeding with a social networking strategy. In an effort to fill a need for our client dentists, Modern Dental Practice Marketing now offers daily social networking updates for dentists who also have a blog and website with MDPM. With this package, we will post unique tips, trivia, and tidbits on your social networking profiles every weekday. If you’re a current MDPM client, you know that we will take time to interview you and learn about your office. Because of this, we have a unique relationship with you that allows us to create social networking posts that will accurately reflect your practice’s mission, vision, and clinical practice. For an evaluation of your overall online marketing strategy,  call Jill today at 972-781-8861, or email us. MDPM is your full-service Internet marketing firm.