Social Media for Dentists: More Information on Facebook’s Algorithm

On Tuesday, we discussed how Facebook delivers information to newsfeeds via its algorithm called EdgeRank. Like Google, Facebook wants its users to have access to statuses and updates that are most relevant to their needs and activity on Facebook. If you plan on using a Facebook business page to promote your dental practice, understanding Facebook’s EdgeRank is important for maximizing your reach to potential new patients through social media. The three most important elements of using EdgeRank to your advantage are affinity, recency, and Edge weight.

Social Networking for Dentists on Facebook

Affinity – This term refers to the score Facebook’s algorithm gives you for each person or page you interact with. This score involves how often you communicate with a particular page or user and their communication with you in the form of “likes”, comments, and profile/page views. In simple terms, Facebook’s EdgeRank scores the level of interaction between two parties to help discern which items appear in each user’s newsfeed.

Recency – Unlike Twitter, which compartmentalizes information in a chronological order, newsfeeds display the most recent information on Facebook. This means that your new statuses will appear in other people’s newsfeeds. This is why it is important to update your Facebook business page on a regular basis. If your page is inactive, your statuses, new photos, and other forms of interaction probably won’t appear in others’ newsfeeds.

Edge Weight Every status is ranked differently by EdgeRank. This algorithm routinely favors statuses that contain links to other websites, videos, and photos to statuses that only contain text. When you post a video or photo, you increase the likelihood of your post appearing on the newsfeeds of others. The more exposure you have with other Facebook users, the more likely you are to broaden your audience and create a welcoming environment for interaction.

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