So, Why Do We Blog?

When we help clients create their custom content marketing plan we always encourage blogging. Why do we blog? How does this help SEO? Clients are often surprised to find out how a blog that posts regularly can actually provide a boost to rankings on search engines like Google or Bing. So…why do we blog? Because it works!

Blogging and SEO

When you blog, you provide your website with a steady stream of new content. When Google registers the new content, whether it is a webpage or a blog post, Google crawls the website again, indexing the information and hopefully allowing your content to be ranked with search results on similar topics. In addition, when people see a blog regularly updated with original and well-written material, it helps you sound like an authority on the subject.

Long Tail Keywords

One of the ways we work to make sure your blog is successful is by implementing long tail keywords within your posts. Simply typing “teeth whitening” into Google will bring you a myriad of results, often not the ones you need. However, long tail keywords are more specific and often phrased as questions (as this is how most people search on smartphones), such as “Where can I find teeth whitening in Dallas?” We organically place similar keywords into each blog to help increase the chances that users looking for certain services will be directed to your blog or website.

How Do You Choose Topics?

First, we want to make sure your blogs appeal to your client base. If you offer mainly cosmetic services, then we will lean towards cosmetic topics. In addition, we also perform research and may even ask you which common questions or topics your patients inquire about. In some cases, we also check out the American Dental Association’s list of most searched dental services. Every year, the ADA puts together a list of the topics and services people look for most. Using this list, we can craft topics that are more likely to grab a reader’s attention.

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