Sneaky Spammy Comments

If you maintain your own dental blog, you’ve probably seen some undesirable comments come along. Some may reference your blog topic, commend you on a job well done, then ask if you’ve heard about a service… maybe an SEO service, a medication for various ailments, or an offer to help with your blog. Some appear to be legitimate. Some even appeal to you with praise, stating what a great writer you are and how the commenter shared your post on social networks and forwarded it to “everyone.” Here are some prime examples of spam that don’t seem, at first, all that spammy:

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You can use a plugin like Askimet to filter spam, but still, some slip by. To make sure spam comments don’t make it to your blog, set your Discussion settings so that all comments require your approval. This will also allow you to immediately respond to real comments as they’re posted to your blog.

At MDPM, many of our dentist clients don’t have time to manage their blogs. We handle the creation and maintenance, as well as the blog posts and search engine optimization. Our policy is, when a content manager logs in to a blog, he or she reviews the comments, posts real ones, and deletes the spam. If a comment requires the doctor’s attention or direct response, the MDPM content manager will send the comment to the doctor for review.

Do you need help with your dental blog? Don’t have time to manage comments and implement an SEO strategy on your blog? Call us at 972-781-8861. We’re in the business to make dentists smile.