SEO-Friendly Smile Galleries for Dental Websites

On most dentists’ websites, the smile gallery includes before and after photos of the doctor’s cases. The hope is, potential patients will see the great results and book their appointment. However, people have to find the gallery in Google results before they can visit it. Only a small number of people probably have a direct link to your gallery, and while they might find it from your website’s other pages, the easier you make their user experience, the more likely they are to call your office.

How can you create a smile gallery that showcases your before and after collection, while also attracting Google? The answer should not surprise you. As with all pages on a website, the title tag, metadata, content, and incoming links should be maximized. However, the majority of smile galleries have little, if any, text, incoming links, and strong on-page optimization.

Here are 5 to-dos that will help your dental website’s smile gallery rank higher on search results.

  1. Copy – Compose keyword-rich case descriptions of 250-500 words for each case. The content must be original, and be sure to insert links to your services pages where relevant, within the text.
  2. No Flash – Today, Flash files are antiquated because they are not viewable on mobile devices. If your smile gallery is Flash, update it with a jQuery or HTML5 version of your slideshow/motion element. Flash files come with lengthy code, which isn’t great for SEO.
  3. Tags – Every photo in your gallery should have a phrase, an ALT-image tag, assigned. This tag shows when the photo doesn’t; it makes the meaning of the photo clear to people who cannot see the site, but listen to it with a screen reader; and it tells Google’s search engine spiders what the image conveys.
  4. Pinterest – Create a Pinterest account for your office, and pin your gallery photos to a board there. The links back to your website will be embedded on the photos in Pinterest, so you’ll get SEO credit for those incoming links. I’ve seen Pinterest pages rank high on Google!
  5. Keep it Fresh – Start with a gallery of perhaps 5-10 cases. There’s no need for more, in the beginning. Then, every six months to a year, add 5 more cases. This will keep your website’s content fresh, which is great for SEO. If each case has a separate page of explanation, you’ll also expand the size of your website, giving Google more pages to index.

Want to Optimize Your Gallery?

If you’re interested in SEO for your dental website, smile gallery, microsites, and blog, call the experts at MDPM Consulting at 972-781-8861. With a team of dental copywriters, programmers, graphic artists, and marketing consultants who understand the dental industry and Internet technology, we can give you the website you’ve always wanted: a website that looks beautiful and ranks high – a website that brings you more new patients.