Reputation Management and Online Reviews for Dentists

In the Emmott on Technology newsletter today, he wrote about responding to online reviews.  Then, just this week, a client asked me if MDPM offers “reputation management.” This term refers to a service in which good testimonials are placed on a review service (like Google Places, Yelp!, etc.) to overshadow poor reviews. At first this concept sounds a little unethical, but with guidelines, reputation management can be quite ethical, and what my client requested was completely on the up and up.

He has original hard copies of patient testimonials in his office, and he’d like them posted online. He does not want to ask his patients to go out of their way to post their reviews online since they’ve already provided a hard copy.

In addition, some patients who were unhappy with their experience in his office posted bad reviews online. The doctor did not get an opportunity to respond to the patients’ concerns, and the posts were probably made in a heat of emotion on the patients’ part.

Poor reviews really stand out, and it can take a ton of great reviews to overshadow just one bad review. The problem is, on the Internet, people can post reviews, and they don’t have to be true – on both sides. Good reviews may be made up; bad reviews may be false or inaccurate.

Still, 70% of consumers believe online reviews!

MDPM does not offer reputation management as far as posting reviews on behalf of consumers. However, we do have some advice for you.

  1. If you know that you have a bad review, contact the patient and ask to work it out.
  2. Post the bad review in a blog on your website along with your rational and reasonable response.
  3. Provide your patients with a laptop at checkout or an iTouch during treatment so that they can post reviews about your practice while they’re in your office. Once they leave, life will get in the way.
  4. If you don’t want to do number 3, at least provide a testimonial outline (name, date, treatment received, comments, thank you) for patients to fill out before they leave your office. These should be kept on file and sent to your web or blog administrator for inclusion on your site(s).
  5. Still having trouble getting reviews? Hold a contest. Every patient who submits a review before December 31 will be entered into a drawing for a free… movie tickets, local event, Sonicare Toothbrush, whitening kit, whatever.

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