Regarding Those Crazy Google Search Changes

Google recently changed the algorithm for search engine results, and your blog and website will probably be affected. As of last Saturday, after the change, most of our clients showed up on page one. However, the rankings on SERPs (search engine results pages) are changing minute by minute now! You could lose your page one listing in a matter of seconds. The way to avoid this is twofold.

One, make sure your website is optimized and has updated content with rich internal and back links.

We can help your website rank high by evaluating the code and tweaking it where appropriate. Updating content, using only unique and live text, tagging photos and videos, and updating text quarterly are great tactics to remain high on Google SERPs.

Two, make sure your dental blog has posts every day.

In the past, once-a-week blog posts were fine for boosting website placement and blog placement. (Keep in mind, backlinks from your blog to your website improve your website’s ranking on SERPs.) Now, however, daily posts will make a world of difference. You can supplement the posts MDPM writes for you, and we’ll be happy to teach you how to use WordPress. Or, we can write daily blogs for you. For details, call Jill at 972-781-8861.

Other Considerations

Google Places: Keep this listing up to date, include videos, original photos, and completely fill out your profile. We can do this for you and probably already have!

Keyword selection: It is very important that we understand which keywords you want to rank high for. Please call Jill at 972-781-8861 to discuss, or email a list of preferred keywords to

Comments: Backlinks to your website and blog will help your SERPs placement. We offer comment marketing starting at 5 comments a week.

Articles and press releases: Again, backlinks are important. Articles and press releases will generate multiple backlinks for your website and blog. Most of our clients do one or two supplemental articles and press releases each month.

SEO promotional packages: For daily blogs and comments, plus articles or press releases, we offer special pricing that includes 20 blog posts, 20 comments, 2 articles or press releases, and ongoing keyword support, research, and reporting.

Don’t Want Daily Blogs?

No problem! We certainly do not want to sell you anything you don’t find valuable. If SEO is not your primary goal, your blog and website will remain available on search, meaning that people can find it in SERPs, but it may not appear on the first, second, or third page. Jill is always happy to explain contemporary Google techniques for search, so feel free to call her at 972-781-8861.

To Better Serve You

We have also hired a full time employee to focus on your SEO research and how it relates to the editorial calendar for your blog. Megan works proactively and interactively to make SEO priority in your content management program. Rest assured, we are on top of the Google algorithm changes, and we’re working hard to get your website and blog to the top. Remaining on top is a whole new game!

If you’d like to schedule an appointment to discuss your keywords and SERPs ranking, please call Jill at 972-781-8861 today.