Orphaned Dental Blogs

It’s shocking. Americans may think that these things only happen in third world countries, but blogs are being orphaned in every city of our great nation, every hour of every day. Like buying a dalmatian puppy after seeing 101 Dalmatians, dentists go to a conference, hear about blogs, then rush home to claim their own. At first, they love their dental practice blog. They play with it every day, make sure it has lots of love, and even dream about what their little blog will look like when it grows up.

The newness soon wears off. Life gets in the way. The doctor becomes busy, begins to neglect the blog, and feels slightly guilty about it. Then the doctor goes to another conference and hears about a different marketing strategy. That spark, the energy and hope of something new, comes back. Said doctor rushes home to claim his new puppy.

In the mean time, the blog goes hungry. It develops mange. It begins to limp and lose its sight. Oh, what great things this blog could have done if it were nurtured and loved as it should have been! But the doctor has forgotten about the blog.

Problem is, the neighbors can still find that sad little blog. They see what’s become of it and turn their heads in shame.

This is a dramatization. (Duh.)

I’m amazed, however, at how many dentists have weak and dying blogs. The good news is, there’s hope. (Cue Sara McLachlin.)

Any blog that’s been abandoned can be renewed and revived. We can turn the blog’s life around and make it into something great.

The scary thing is, you may have a blog and not know it! Potential patients can find it — and if it’s been orphaned, they’ll know what a bad blog owner you are. They may think, If you can’t take care of a blog, how can you run a business?

Every week, as I’m socially networking, I run across abandoned dental blogs. In many cases, the blogs are buried pages on dental websites. Other times, dentists create blogs are started at Blogspot or WordPress, then forget about them. Your blog needs weekly posts, or it will look like a halfhearted attempt at a project.

To find out if you have abandoned blogs, google your name + dds or dmd OR your practice name and city OR any other identifying terms, like your address. On the left column, you’ll see a list of search categories. Click “more,” then find “blog.”

A list of blogs will come up in the search engine results page (SERP). If you spot your name, just follow the link to see your poor, orphaned dental blog.

If you don’t have time to blog, you need an expert doing the work on your behalf. A blog is an excellent adjunct to any dentist marketing strategy. It will help your main website gain more momentum on search engines, and it will position you as an expert in Google’s eyes.

Then call me! Modern Dental Practice Marketing is a boutique Internet marketing firm. We specialize in writing SEO-friendly, clinically accurate, completely unique content for dentists’ websites and blogs. We also build blogs, websites, and brands for dental offices. You can reach me, Jill Duty, directly at 972-781-8861. I look forward to giving your orphaned dental blog the love and respect required to make you look like the best blog owner on the planet.