Obtaining Reviews and Testimonials

If someone tells you to try out a new restaurant or if you’re curious about a new business, what do you do first? In most cases you check online for reviews. After all, you want to hear first hand what previous patients or customers think of a service. As a dentist, your online marketing strategy should always include reviews and testimonials.

Improving SEO with Reviews and Testimonials

  1. Operate social media pages: People now use social media to stay in touch with friends, share pictures with family, and even review or follow their favorite businesses. Operating a social media page offers a number of benefits, from the ability to reach out to current patients and also providing a platform for people to leave reviews about their experiences.
  2. Ask your patients: If you know your patient received quality care and was happy about the experience why not ask him/her to share this experience? You can give them a form to fill out or point them to your social media pages. You can also post their experience to a testimonial page on your dental website, which we will be discussing further soon.
  3. Create Yelp pages: While some people may have issues with Yelp’s review system, the fact is they are still one of the most popular options for reading or placing testimonials and experiences at a business or practice. You should have a page ready for your current clientele to leave first hand accounts of their experience in your office. Odds are, this is one of the first places people will look when researching your dental practice.
  4. Encourage reviews on your website: Your site should always contain links to your social media pages. Those icons can encourage people to follow your practice and to write about how they enjoyed your services.
  5. Create a webpage for testimonials: You should always have a place on your website for testimonials. When people email you detailed accounts or even just blurbs about their experiences, post them there.

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