MDPM: What Google Analytics Reports Mean to Dentists

Google Analytics is a free service that tracks data about traffic on a website or blog. A code is generated specifically for your URL (your domain). After it’s embedded just before the closing header tag on your website or blog, Google will verify the code and begin recording data. Expect a 30-day waiting period to accumulate enough data for the system to begin reporting. I’m going to share some very basic information about how to read some of the data.

When you login to your Google Analytics account and choose your domain from the View Reports menu (if you have more than one domain with GA), you’ll see a dashboard. The line graph shows number of visits per day. You can opt to show a particular period of time – day, week, month, or by dates — but the default is the last 30 days. This data can show you which are the most popular days on your website or blog. For a blog, high traffic days normally correlate with posting days.

Site Usage
The number of visits includes the last 30 days’ worth of traffic – which isn’t necessarily all human. Pageviews indicates how many pages have actually been looked at by people. Pages/visit relates to how many pages, on average, visitors saw before leaving the site. Bounce rate should be below 70%; the lower the better. A bounce occurs when someone lands on your site, then immediately leaves. It indicates that an error was probably made in keyword selection – the viewer was probably not looking for your website. Average time on site is just what it appears to be. And new visits shows the percentage of your traffic that had never come to your website before.

Visitors Overview
This little chart tells you how many real, live people visited your website or blog.

Map Overlay
And this one shows where your traffic comes from.

Traffic Sources
The pie chart is pretty self explanatory. Search engine traffic comes from Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other engines. Referring sites means that your visitors found your website from another site. Direct traffic indicates the percentage of visitors who typed your domain name into their browser.

Content Overview
This shows a list of your most popular pages.

View Report & More
View Report links will drill down deeper to show you specifics about the data represented on the dashboard chart. And while all this info is great, Google Analytics has so much more to offer. Depending upon the data you need for your particular project, you can generate very detailed reports that help in planning improvement to Internet marketing strategies.

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