Dental Blogging Benefits: Achieving “Local Expert” Status

Blogging has innumerable benefits for marketing and building a solid reputation in your community. A blog should convey your interest in your patients’ health and your genuine concern for the health of your community. With a blog, you can easily express these two sentiments and share your ideals about dentistry with the world. As with social media, blogging regularly will reach a wide audience of potential patients and establish your brand as the best dentist in your locale.

Patient Education

Blogs that deliver relevant and useful information to your readers build trust. Whether you post about the latest innovations in dental technology or review the symptoms of an oral health ailment, your readers will appreciate that you took the time to share information with them. As our society becomes more health conscious, more people peruse Internet publications to learn about health conditions and healthy living. However, your dental blog does not have to specifically address dentistry in every post. You could offer general medical information on preventing diabetes, heart disease, or obesity.   As you accumulate more readers and more blog posts, your blog site will be seen as an educational resource.

Local Dental Expert Status

As a D.D.S or a D.M.D, you should be known as a local expert in your field, but competing with other dentists for patients in your area makes it difficult for you to brand yourself as THE expert. A blog packed full of information on oral health and healthy living offers you a competitive edge against fellow dentists in your community. In fact, many run of the mill bloggers have achieved expert status when their blogs attract the attention of the local media. Your blog could land you a guest spot or interview on your city’s morning news show. Furthermore, the more original content you post about dentistry, the more likely it is that Google will consider you an expert — and that status translates to higher SEO rankings.

Many dentists don’t have the time to blog. If you’re looking for a team of expert bloggers who understand dentistry, consider calling on Modern Dental Practice Marketing. To learn more about the many benefits of blogging, call Jill at (972) 781-8861. Click here to view blog sites of our current, satisfied clients.