Local SEO Versus The Yellow Pages

While younger generations may not, you probably remember the phone book. In the old days, you found a business by turning to the yellow pages. Now, online searches have almost entirely replaced the need for the phone book. When it comes to local SEO versus the yellow pages, the winner is clear. Understanding why highlights the importance of local SEO for attracting new leads and helping your business grow.

The End of an Era

Do people still use the yellow pages? Yes, but not in the way you may think. According to YP’s (the yellow pages) company’s chief marketing officer, Allison Checchi, 2015 marks the first year “we’ll have more revenue coming from digital than print.” This coupled with the news from Google that more people search on their phones than on desktops, and you see a new era has dawned. From now on, a successful search engine optimization strategy must include local SEO. After all, instead of flipping pages people will now search “Italian restaurant Burbank” or “what’s a good Italian restaurant in Burbank?”

Why You Need Local SEO

Local SEO involves carrying key information related to your business’s location and means of contact to your website, as well as Google+ and other search engine local accounts. There are a number of reasons this has essentially replaced the print alternative, such as:

  • Easier to use: Typing in a single sentence or 2-3 keywords is enough to deliver multiple accurate results.
  • More accurate results: You can find a business close by. In addition, search engines often give higher rankings to those with better ratings and reviews. You’re more likely to find the exact results you desire in a matter of seconds.
  • Less expensive: As a business, you don’t have to register with the phone book. While not very expensive, you can obtain a better return on your investment by researching proper SEO techniques, or talking to a company that specializes in search engine optimization strategies.

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