Is Your Dental Office Ready for a Patient Newsletter?

Why have a newsletter?
The last study I read showed that attracting one new dental patient costs an average of $200. Retaining patients costs much less. In addition to personal phone calls, recall reminders, excellent clinical care, and superior customer service, a patient newsletter may help you retain patients—and attract new patients. A newsletter provides a tangible marketing piece that 1) puts your brand in front of your patients; 2) can be passed on to your patients’ friends and associates; 3) gives you an opportunity to stay connected with patients between visits.

Print or Email?
Internet marketing is dramatically outpacing print marketing. If you currently send out patient newsletters or want to start a newsletter project, consider the benefits of e-newsletters. You’ll have no printing, no paper, no collating or folding, no envelopes, no stamps, and no trip to the post office. Furthermore, with an e-newsletter, you can analyze success. Most distribution services provide data to show how many newsletters were received and opened, as well as how many were shared by email or on Facebook or Twitter. Your e-newsletter may reside on a permanent URL, so you can easily create an archive on your website. The biggest benefit to sending a newsletter by email? Cost. E-newsletters are considerably more affordable than print newsletters!

Tomorrow, we’ll review: 10 Steps to Create a Dentist’s Newsletter.
Whether you build your own dental practice newsletter, have your office manager tackle the task, or use a service, these are 10 primary elements you need to consider.

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