Is Yellow Pages Advertising Good for Dentists?

The Borg, that curious species from Star Trek, have more to do with dental marketing than you may think. The Borg have a collective mind, and so do many business people, particularly when it comes to marketing. In business, we tend to fall into the same patterns, year after year. We do what our colleagues do. Yellow pages advertising is a prime example. You’ve always done it, so you should continue to do it, right? Other dentists still run ads in the phone book, so you should, too, right? Not necessarily. That is thinking like the Borg, and it won’t set you apart from other dentists or give you an advantage.

Dental Marketing in 2012

If your dental office has used the same formulas for marketing for the past decade, and you aren’t experiencing practice growth, it’s time for change. Traditionally, dentists think “yellow pages” when they think about advertising. Pre-information age, pre-Internet age, when most consumers had a home phone and looked in the yellow pages to find local businesses, this concept was highly effective. Back then, investing in a large, full-color ad could land you more than a few new patients. Times have changed, though, and so have your potential patients. Today, phone book advertising isn’t wrong, but it isn’t ideal.

For the $650 a month you spend on a yellow pages listing, you could have a custom website with mobile capability and strategic search engine optimization, two microsites focused on the dental services you want to promote most, and many weekly blogs and social networking posts. You could rise to the top of Google for coveted keyword phrases and attract the kind of patients who will spend money on quality dental care. Best of all, you would know how many people saw your website, what keywords they used to find you, and whether your web traffic increases over time. This data is imperative for evaluating return on investment (ROI) – and yellow pages advertising comes with no trackable data.

Marketing that Works

Your dental marketing strategy needs to conform to the Internet age. Most consumers who are prepared to invest in their own health and beauty own a computer, regularly look for information online, and own a mobile device. Many participate in social networking, read online reviews, and believe that a business’ website is an accurate representation of the business.

Think about that. Does your website convey the image you want consumers to see? Does it reflect your brand as it should?

Your Marketing Plan for 2013

Modern Dental Practice Marketing offers a complimentary Internet presence analysis. In addition to determining where your website is lacking, the analysis will consider your social networking profiles, local listings, and patient reviews. Information from your analysis will help you make informed decisions about your dental marketing plan for 2013.

Call Modern Dental Practice Marketing today at (972)781-8861, and let our experienced marketing team separate you from the Borg so that your dental practice can experience substantial growth in the coming year.