Is Adwords a Good, Long-Term Investment for Dental Marketing?

No. Adwords is to dental marketing as renting a house is to buying a house.

What is Adwords?

Google Adwords is a program that offers paid advertising on Google search engine results pages (SERPs). Adwords advertisers usually show up in a light pink background at the top of a SERP or in the right sidebar.

How does Adwords work?

Also called pay-per-click or PPC advertising, Google Adwords requires that you fund an account with the amount of money you will spend on your campaign. You then select keyword phrases for which you’d like to show up in search results. Each phrase is assigned an amount of money, which may range from pennies to many dollars. You determine what text you want in your ad, as well.

When your advertisement shows up in the Adwords area on a SERP, people can click on it to visit your website. You pay the agreed upon amount of money every time the ad is clicked. Your account is debited accordingly.  

What’s the difference between organic and paid or PPC advertising?

There are two types of online marketing, PPC, which we explained above, and organic. A website, blog, microsite, as well as local listings, online reviews, articles, press releases, and social media posts, are indexed by Google’s search engine spiders (also called robots or ‘bots). The spiders run code through an algorithm that determines where a page will rank on Google SERPs. Pages with original content, incoming links from related content, solid keyword integration, and many other factors (see Google Webmaster Tools for details) rank higher than pages with non-original content, poor linking strategies, and little or no keyword relevancy. Organic listings are located in the non-paid, central body text area of a Google SERP.

Why is organic better?

The analogy in the introduction to this article compares Adwords to renting a home. It’s a short-term expense with no long-term benefits. You pay more to rent, and when you stop renting, you’re left with nothing. This is an accurate description of Adwords marketing. On the other hand, organic marketing is like buying a home. Every payment you make, every upgrade you make, is an investment in your future profits.

In short:

1) Adwords has a high cost and no lasting return.

2) There is potential that your ad will come up for search terms that are not relative to your location and services.

3) Consumers know that Adwords are paid ads and do not see the advertiser as an expert.

4) Businesses know that if you use Adwords, you have a big marketing budget, and therefore the you will become an easy target for solicitors who want you to use their services.

5) Once you stop using Adwords, there is no value, lasting impact or tangible product. With websites, blogs, microsites, and other content-based marketing, you’re investing in a tool that is always working for you, building up your online reputation. Even if you stop blogging or updating your website, you will retain the history and product. If you stop using Adwords, you have nothing.

6) If you sell your practice, part of its value is your online presence. Dentists who rank high on search engines organically have a valuable marketing presence to sell with their practice.

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