Answers to Questions about Internet Marketing for Dentists

Do all dentists need Facebook, Twitter, and Google+?

No. The only dentists who will benefit from social networking are those who will invest time to network socially. Feeding blog posts to your Facebook page is better than not having a Facebook page, but it’s not going to win you new “likes” or new patients. If you want social networking to benefit your marketing strategy, set aside an hour a day to go through Internet news articles about health, dentistry, your community, and beauty issues. Post those links to your Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ business pages, along with your comments. Also, set a goal to comment on 5 of your fans’ posts every day. Go to their pages and comment on their photos, posts, and links. This is what social networking is supposed to be!

How often should a dentist blog?

The short answer is, blogging every day yields the best results. At minimum, you should post an original blog, back-linked to your website’s internal pages, at least once a week. Blogging once or twice a month does little good for SEO.

Should a dentist write his/her own blog posts?

It’s a great concept, that a dentist could sit down every day to write a blog post, but it isn’t practical. The MDPM blog package includes a trained dental blogger (your content manager) writing blogs based on your website’s content, your personal recommendations, and emails we receive from your team. The blog is passed off to our managing copyeditor before being published. After publishing, the blog is posted to your Facebook page. At any time, you or anyone you authorize – an office manager or hygienist, for instance—can supplement by adding your own blogs. We’ll be happy to edit any blogs you send to us, and we’re also open to posting content for you if you don’t have time to learn WordPress.

Why does my website need original text? Why can’t I just use library articles?

The basic definition of a crown doesn’t change from one dentist to the next. Logically, it seems like you should be able to use stock library articles to describe your dental services. Google, however, does not look kindly upon duplicate copy (meaning text found on many websites). Think of Google as an encyclopedia. Google makes money and has dominated the search market because it places high priority on news and original content. If Google listed 10 dentists on page one, and all the dentists had the same content on their websites, Google users would be disgruntled. If you want the best shelf space in Google’s library, you have to feed Google original, well optimized content that’s rich with information, images, and links.

Does my website have duplicate content?

There’s an easy way to find out. Go to one of your services pages, like the one for fillings, dentures, or checkups. Copy a paragraph and paste the text into the Google search bar. The results will show sites that have exact or very similar content. This is the surefire way to know if your site has duplicate content.

If my website has library articles, do I have to rewrite all of them myself?

No. MDPM is first and foremost a dental copywriting company. We have a staff of trained dental copy writers and a managing editor to write all types of text for dentists. From blog posts to website text to video scripts to press releases, our dental copy writers can handle your project. If you’d like to review the content prior to publishing, just let us know. We offer completely customized service so that you can get what you want.

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