How Will Patients Find Your Dental Blog?

I’m asked this question again and again, so it’s obviously a real concern. A few things you should know before we get to the question’s answer:

  • Your blog’s primary purpose is to support your main website and make it rank higher on Google. Backlinks from a blog site to your website will help boost your main site’s SEO rankings.
  • A blog’s posts accumulate into an archive, searchable by date, topic, title, or keywords. Because Google loves original, informative text, the more high-quality posts your blog accumulates, the better your blogs site (and website, as mentioned above) should rank on search engine results pages (SERPs).

On a side note, if your blog maintenance company posts library articles that show up on other dental websites, they’re doing nothing to help your SERPs ranking. You must use original content written just for you. MDPM’s dental blog copywriters do this every day, and we never, ever run out of things to write about — or ways to twist tried and true topics in to new blog posts.

So, to answer the original question, How will patients find your blog?, there are two answers.

One, people looking for a dentist don’t often go to the Yellow Pages. Instead, they turn to their computer or smart phone and type in keywords. Usually, the keywords are a term related to dentistry, plus a location. For instance, a very common keyword phrase is “Dallas dentist.” Blogs are considered news by Google, so they usually rank high in comparison to newly posted webpages. Your  blog, and your website that’s supported by your blog, should be optimized for keyword phrases that your potential patients are googling. Then, the PAGES or POSTS optimized for those terms will show up on Google’s search engine results. Many factors go into Google’s indexing system, but as I said, the quality of your content and having a blog (news) are major factors to help you rank high.

Because your blog and website’s pages and posts are optimized for keyword phrases, they will come up in the SERPs. Not everyone will enter your blog on the homepage. If a potential dental patient searches for “veneers in Chicago,” your blog about veneers (optimized for “veneers in Chicago“) will be the page shown in the SERPs, so the searcher will enter your site or blog on that page.

The second way potential patients will find your blog is through direct referral. This could be on Facebook, Twitter, through articles or press releases submitted on line, by following the link from your website or a comment thread, etc. It’s also a good idea to put your blog’s URL (web address) on your advertising pieces, from your business card to direct mail. Add the URL to recall cards, and ask your patients to subscribe to your blog. The hope is, they’ll like what they see and share your blog’s URL with their social network, neighbors, family, and friends. MDPM newsletters feature quick share links, so patients can just click to share the entire newsletter on Facebook, Twitter, or email.

If you have questions about blogging, your existing blog, or you’d like to discuss how a blog would benefit your dental practice’s online marketing strategy, call Jill, our dental marketing consultant and business development director, today at 972-781-8861, or email us at