How to Make Your Dental Website Salable

When building your dental website, you might not think about selling your practice, but you should. Even a new dentist opening his/her first private practice should plan for the future. A solid SEO ranking, good reviews, and a user-friendly website can considerably increase the value of a practice. However, if you make some short-sighted decisions during your website’s creation, you might negatively affect its future value.

Choosing a Domain Name

A dentist’s name has long been a staple in practice branding. When deciding on a practice name, as well as a domain for your dental website, think twice before building a brand around your name. Your website’s domain will receive “credit” from Google for housing a well optimized, high-ranking site. If your site is built on JohnSmithDDS, when you sell your practice, the site will need to be moved to a new domain. All the credit that JohnSmithDDS built up will go to waste.

I strongly encourage dentists to purchase their names’ domains so that those URLs are off the market. However, a website should be built on a more generic domain. Should your domain include keywords? Not necessarily. Google stopped factoring exact-match domain names (EMDs) into search in 2012, so a website on DallasCosmeticDentist is no more valuable than any other domain. That said, your location and area of expertise, be that general dentistry or implants, can make a domain memorable.

Know What You Purchased

Do you own your domain name? Do you own your website’s design? How about its text? Many dentists are frustrated to find, when they want to move their website to a new hosting and support company, they have to rebuild the site. In some cases, not even the copy/text belongs to the dentist. Logically, if you pay for your website, you should assume that it is your property. Oftentimes, the opposite is true. To avoid this scenario, ask your website company for a written statement that your domain, website design, and text belong to you, and should you decide to change web companies, they will transfer all information to you, without extra fees or requirements.

Keep Up to Date

An outdated website, like an unkempt property, has little value. Maintaining a website involves keeping the design on par with modern trends, ensuring that the search engine optimization is consistently massaged to meet Google’s ever-changing guidelines, and occasionally freshening up the text, photos, and videos. Your website company should make revisions to your site, as requested, within 24 hours to one week, unless new elements (such as copywriting) have to be created. Be sure, when selecting your dental website company, to ask what the support request fulfillment time is and whether you will be charged for site updates. Your monthly fee should cover nearly all of the updates you’d want to make, and certainly all of those required for up-to-date SEO. Ask your web support company for periodic ranking reports to make sure that your rankings and traffic are maximized. A high-ranking website with great traffic is much more valuable than one that ranks poorly and has few visitors.

Dental Marketing Analysis

If you’re opening a new dental office or want to freshen up your website in preparation for practice transition, call Modern Dental Practice Marketing Consulting today for an analysis and consultation. We’ll provide you with important information about making informed decisions for your practice marketing, and the initial consultation is no charge. Call 972-781-8861 or email us for an appointment.