How To Improve Your Blog In 2016

With the New Year comes a chance to turn over a new leaf. Take a look at your blogging in 2015. Do you see room for improvement? You may be surprised to learn that are many ways you can improve your blog in 2016. With a few simple tips you can turn things around and embrace 2016 with a revitalized strategy.

9 Steps for Improving Your Blog in 2016

  1. Post frequently: Studies show that to obtain optimal benefits from your blog you should post a minimum of four times a week or 16 times a month. Frequently updated content allows your website and company to remain fresh on your clients’ minds.
  2. Include pictures or videos: People are turned off by big blocks of texts. However, breaking up your post with pictures or even videos can make them more appealing to potential readers. The more people read, the more likely you are to attract new leads.
  3. Change up formatting: Don’t just stick with the tried and true three-paragraph structure. Change it up! Add a quiz or two, a Q&A, or a list. Keep your readers interested.
  4. Share on social media: Make sure people can see your what you’ve posted. One of the best ways to do this is with social media. Sharing your content, gathering likes and retweets, this helps attract new followers and hopefully, more people stepping into your office.
  5. Choose the right topics: What do your clients or patients want to know? What do they frequently ask you about? Focus on address these commonly asked questions and you’ll more people willing to click and read.
  6. Watch that word count: Too short and your post can be forgettable. Too long, and people grow bored or don’t even try. About 500 words seems to be the sweet spot of blog post length.
  7. Grab them with the title: With a title, you have about 60 words to get their attention. Post a question or a provocative statement; let them know you have something interesting to say.
  8. Keep content original: Don’t reuse or copy other people’s work. This will hurt your SEO ranking.
  9. Don’t recycle: If you want to revisit a blog, write a new one on the same topic. Don’t recycle content; this can hurt your SEO.

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