How Small Businesses Can Be (and Stay) Contenders in SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) has been around about as long as the internet, and it’s only becoming increasingly more popular. But given its popularity, it can seem daunting for small businesses to gain a significant foothold in SEO. How can your relatively new online marketing campaign possibly compete with bigger corporations who have spent millions on their marketing strategies for years?

Fret not; there is still vast potential within SEO and online marketing for your small business or practice to gain an edge on the competition. The good news is, the experts at MDPM Consulting can focus on implementing these and other strategies for you, so you can focus on doing what you truly love – growing and maintaining your business or practice.

3 Tips to Stay SEO Competitive

The first step is to get your name out there by optimizing your online presence, beginning with your website. Then, develop a plan to continuously contribute to your online library with original, relevant content. But you already know that.

It’s how you utilize your online assets that define your SEO strategy’s effectiveness.

1.) Know what you’re targeting: What’s your specialty? What product or service do you want to be known for? The trick to SEO is to know what you’re targeting. If you’re a dentist, rather than market your office merely in a general aspect, specifically market your high-end, popular treatments to attract the people who are searching for those services in particular.

2.) Think inside the box: If you already know the importance of keywords (hint: they’re pretty significant), then you already know that they can be pretty competitive. But with advanced technology comes new ways of searching for things online, and if you want people to find the information you provide, then tailor it to the people who are looking for it. If someone wants what you’re selling, what questions are they typing into Google’s search box to find them?

3.) Define your online reputation: We can never stress it enough – a good reputation management strategy should be standard along with your online marketing campaign. Blogs and websites are necessary for people to find you, but reviews and social media pages are where they’ll turn to find out who you are, and whether or not they should contact you. You should respond to everything, including negative reviews, but in a strategically thought-out and professional manner that positively affects your overall rankings.

Like anything worth doing, being a contender in the world of SEO takes time and dedication. But it shouldn’t take your own time and dedication away from running your business or dental practice. Our experts make your online marketing, SEO, reputation management, and other vital strategies our top priority. To take your marketing to the next level, give Jill a call at (972) 781-8861, or send us an email at We’re here to help!