How Does SEO Help Your Business Grow?

SEO, or search engine optimization is a key part of any online marketing strategy. However, what does this actually do to help your business grow? Why should you consider investing so much into your online marketing strategy? For many dentists and other professionals, the website, blog, and search engine optimization strategy is an afterthought. However, this can be key to finding new patients and helping your practice grow.

Improving User Experiences

Google takes into account a number of factors when ranking websites, including content quality and whether the site in question is responsive. That is because these factors improve user experience. By implementing a search engine optimization strategy, you not only improve your ability to be found high up in a Google search engine results page, you also ensure your potential patients find a website that is easy to navigate and a practice that appears professional and trustworthy.

Gain the Top Spot in a SERP

When you search for a product or business, how often do you look beyond the first page? The fact is, if it doesn’t land on the first page, most assume it isn’t what they’re looking for. By optimizing your website you improve the odds that when someone searches for a dentist in your city they find your website on that first results page.

Find Your Patient Base

You need to find potential patients in your city or within the surrounding communities. With SEO, you optimize your website with long tail keywords that focus on your services, questions people frequently ask, and location. This helps drive traffic to your website and clients to your door.

Find What Content Works Best

How do you what pages and content within your website attracts the most traffic? Google Analytics allows you to see the pages people are clicking on the most and spending the most time on. As a result, you can update your website to better fit what your potential patients are looking for.

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