How Does Section 1557 Impact Your Office?

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been a source of joy, frustration, and confusion since it was passed in 2010. We often talk about the ways the reform impacts medical doctors and insurance, but rarely do we hear about how the ACA affects dentistry. We were recently contacted by a client with concerns regarding how one specific section, Section 1557, can impact a dental office. So, we looked into it to ensure that our clients’ bases are covered.

How Does the ACA Impact My Office?

In a nutshell, Section 1557 addresses nondiscrimination and outlines a number of different ways doctors and dentists must comply, including:

  • A Notice of Non-Discrimination must be posted in the office and on the business website.
  • Non-Discrimination Taglines must be written in the two most common non-English languages in your state, and included on postcards and office publications.
  • Taglines and materials related to a patient’s care must be translated into the 15 most common languages in your state.
  • Offices with 15 or more employees must have a Grievance Procedure and designate an employee as Compliance Coordinator.
  • Regulations must be followed regarding  remodeling, new construction, and health plans for employees.
  • Business websites must include translation capabilities for the 15 most common non-English languages in your state.

Does My Entire Dental Website Need to Be Translated?

Does that last point mean that your entire website should have the capability to be translated into 15 different languages? That would be a big change, and a big job, and most likely have an equally big price tag.


Luckily, this compliance order refers only to the non-discrimination taglines on your website. To see sample taglines and translations, visit the US Department of Health and Human Services Translated Resources page here.

The bottom line: your website doesn’t need a translation feature.

But, there is a little work to be done, and MDPM Consulting has got you covered. There are several ways to satisfy the website requirements put forth by Section 1557. If you’d like for us to update your website in accordance with the new provisions, please tell us how you’d like us to proceed, and we’ll get it taken care of for you!

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