The Dentist’s Weekend Warrior Marketing Tip

Help a reporter out!

Would you like to be quoted and listed as a source in a news article for a local, regional or even a national news outlet? Join Help A Reporter Out (HARO), and you’ll have the opportunity to become that source.

Prior to the advent of HARO three years ago, reporters relied on their own databases of subject matter experts whom they would call on when they were working on a story. They collected these names from other published stories as well as from press releases they had received in the past. This meant that the only people who got interviewed were either already famous as a certain subject matter expert or had a high priced public relations firm courting the media on their behalf.

HARO has changed this by creating a place for reporters and sources to find each other, at no charge to either. Over 100,000 journalists from small online organizations, all the way to The New York Times and ABC, are registered with HARO.

Here’s how it works:  Sources receive emails that take just a couple of minutes to read. The email lists out the topics, each with a brief description, of what the journalist is looking for. If it is something that matches your experience, you just send a short email directly to that reporter stating what makes you an expert in this area and how you can be reached. Take 3 minutes right now, and listen to the audio of the Founder, Peter Shankman, explain how to use HARO.

Not only are we a fan of HARO, but we are among their 120,000 sources. We use it to promote MDPM, as well as to promote our clients. If we see a query come through that matches any of our clients’ areas of expertise, we submit a response on their behalf!

Don’t forget that getting published is not the end goal but just the beginning. If you are quoted or featured in a news story, be sure to develop a marketing plan around the article that includes your website, blog, Facebook and Twitter to get maximum exposure out of the feature. The PR you can get from being published can create a lot of momentum and result in more business for your practice if marketed correctly.

If you should decide to take advantage of HARO, we would love to hear from you to learn how this modern doorway to media coverage increased your business.

– Jill Nastasia