Google’s Panda Updates: Are You Keeping Up?

Google’s Panda updates set the industry standards and best practices for search engine optimization. Therefore, adhering to them is important if you want your site to continue to meet contemporary SEO guidelines and, as a result, continue ranking in search results. Recently, Google announced that its latest Panda update could take months to roll out completely, leaving many businesses and webmasters wondering how big of an overhaul is in store. Fortunately, Google considers this upcoming release more of a refresh than an update, with most current standards remaining the same. Still, the announcement raises the question; when Panda updates roll out, how can you be sure that your website is keeping up?

What is a Google Panda Update?

In 2011, Google introduced the first Panda update – a search filter designed to remove poor-quality websites from Google’s top search results. Since then, over two dozen updates have been implemented, the latest being the 27th update to occur. Over the years, Panda has helped shape Google’s search function into a useful and reliable tool for finding information, from researching to shopping to finding a good dentist in your area. It does this by implementing standards to decide which websites and search results are most significant to someone’s search query. To keep search results current and relevant, Google constantly refines ranking criteria with algorithm updates.

With each new update, Google further refines the definition of useful, relevant search results. Original content, properly organized metadata, the right schema, and consistent contact information throughout social media/the web are only a few of the many factors measured by Google’s SEO algorithms.

Let Us Do the Work For You!

Keeping up with Google’s constantly-changing rules can be difficult and time consuming. How do you know if your efforts are heading in the right direction? Staying ahead of the curve is all part of the SEO game, which is why the experts at MDPM know SEO-speak better than English and are here to keep you informed!

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