Get the Dental Team Excited about Growing Your Practice!

You made an appointment to get your tires rotated at a new, locally owned repair shop in Southlake. You like supporting small businesses, and you really want to have a great experience here, so you can refer your friends. After all, as a dentist, you appreciate word-of-mouth advertising and personal referrals.

When you enter the tidy shop, no one is behind the desk. A few customers sit in chairs that line the wall, faces behind magazines. You could hear a pin drop. So you wait.

Behind the desk, through glass panels, you see some mechanics sipping coffee and talking. You think, Is this a one-way mirror? Can’t they see me? So you give a friendly wave and grin.

The older man nods and comes inside to help you. He slips his glasses from the top of his head to his nose, then peers over them at you, obviously irritated by your interruption of his coffee break. You wonder if this is the same guy who used to yell at you and your buddies when you were eight, telling you to Get off my lawn!

The mechanic stabs the computer keyboard with a dirty finger, then asks, “Can I help you?”

“Yes,” you say, pleasantly. “I made an appointment online for tire rotation. It said you have one-hour service. Is that a fact?” You smile, trying to win him over.

“Website? I don’t know why they put stuff like that out there. Right now, we can do it in about an hour, but if we get busy, there’s no tellin’. Name?”

You state your name and continue to work for pleasant conversation. “Glad I came at the right time, then.”

The tire rotation goes off without a hitch, but will you be back? If the price was really good, and the job was done well, maybe. But if it costs you the same to get your tires rotated in this little shop as it does at a bigger, more friendly shop up the street…you probably won’t be back. And you really wanted that to work out. Bummer.

Now let’s look at your dental office. Your dental team may be much more friendly than the old crotchety guy at the tire shop. If not, we have a lot of work to do! But do your people know about your website (if you have one)? Can they refer patients to the forms, map, and services over the phone? Do your front and back office team members know whether you have digital X-ray and why it’s a big deal? Do they know what kind of teeth-whitening treatments you offer?

And the person who answers the phone…does she ask where a new patient learned about your practice? This simple question is so important for assessing return on investment in marketing.

Modern Dental Practice Marketing provides all of the practical products you need to build a strong presence in your area…blog and website design, branding with custom logos, search engine optimization, community marketing programs, print, press releases, video testimonials, and more. We also offer fun and effective team training, so your staff can learn how technology is making their job easier. They can learn why casual, genuinely appropriate, and gentle conversation about your technology and services makes patients feel like your team truly knows dentistry.

Call 972-781-8861 or email today, and we’ll schedule time to tour your office, meet your team, and talk about where you are today in your practice. In addition to specializing in dental marketing, we work primarily in the DFW area, serving Southlake, Grapevine, Keller, Frisco, Marshall, Irving, and surrounding communities. Together, we’ll set realistic goals and kick off an action plan that will drive your success. At MDPM, we’re in the business to make dentists smile, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.