FAQs About Social Media And SEO

As a business owner, you want draw new clients to your business. To do so, you need to let people know what services you offer and show them that you are an expert in your field, someone they can trust for products and services. How do you accomplish this? Increasingly, people are turning to social networks to attract new leads and even help improve search engine optimization rankings. Do you have questions about social media and SEO?

Frequently Asked Questions About Social Media and SEO

Question: Does having a social media account help SEO?

Answer: In 2013, a study by Econsultancy showed that over 74% of agencies considered social media to be an important part of their SEO strategy. The reason social networking can help with search engine optimization is because successful social networking strategies rely on a lot of the same things as successful SEO strategies, namely interesting and original content.

Question: Should I have more than one account?

Answer: Yes. We don’t recommend limiting yourself to just Facebook. Instead, try creating accounts with Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest. Also, be aware of new sites that are also attracting large followings. The landscape of social media is also evolving. Just ten years ago most the sites we listed above didn’t even exist yet.

Question: What should I share?

Answer: We often recommend maintaining an active blog and sharing posts to social networking accounts. In addition, you can also share interesting information or articles that are related to your services. However, blogs are vital because they contain links back to your main site, which can help generate leads.

Question: How do I attract followers?

Answer: Most people assume the larger the number of followers, the better. This has lead to some buying followers, which typically consists of hundreds of inactive accounts created just to boost numbers. This does not help you. Social networking only helps SEO if you ENGAGE people, through shares, likes, and comments. To grow your following, let current clients know you have an account, encourage them to follow it, and share content. Soon, you may grow your followers organically and hopefully enjoy a boost in your search engine optimization ranking.

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