Does Your Dental Website Break in Various Browsers?

Browsers, like Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari (mainly for Macs and iPhone) are notorious for regularly coming out with new versions. Problem is, your patients may not know to update their browsers. If your dental website was not built to render properly in different versions of browsers, it may look really weird to some of your patients. Sometimes text doesn’t wrap properly, so headings look weird or overlap. In other cases, entire design elements may be pushed further down on the site, making the visual look completely random.

After all the time and money you spent on a great dental practice website, it’s disheartening to think that some of your potential patients may think it’s broken – and view you as technically un-savvy and behind the times.

Some dental website companies will tell you to explain to your patients that they need to update their browser… seriously. This is a completely unfriendly suggestion! You should not have to tell your patients how to manage their personal computers.

The truth is, while IE 9 is the most recent version, 34.4% of people still use Internet Explorer 8. Eleven percent are using IE 6, and 8% are using IE 7. Even IE has appealed to the public to stop using outdated versions of their browser. Alas, many people are scared of change. If their computer works most of the time, why rock the boat?

Good news. A broken dental website is avoidable.

Your dental website designer should test your site in various versions of the most popular browsers. This takes hours of trial and tweaking, and most techs aren’t willing to make the investment, even for a favorite client.

Enter Rachel, MDPM Design & Development Director. Rachel is adamant about checking our websites in 10 different variations of the most popular browsers. So, if you have an MDPM custom dental website, it will work in all kinds of browsers! We vow never to tell you to educate your patients about website browsers. Rachel says, the people who are still using old browser versions may be very wealthy and in need of full-mouth restoration. Ain’t that the truth?

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